Someone uploaded this so those without kindles/byliner subscriptions can read it. They also transferred the endnotes to footnotes helpfully.

Thanks mysterious stranger! *wink*

thelittleredsparrow asked:

Thank you for your response. For some reason tumblr didn't let me know it happened. Also now I am on the desktop site, rather than the app, I do see that you have a link to my exact question which didn't appear previously, and the link you gave for it rather than sending me in giant loop reloading the same page actually answers my question, (cries a little in rage at the absurdity of computers). Any particular work you love and would recommend?

You’re welcome, tumblr doesn’t tell you when responses to asks have been publicly posted unfortunately.

And computers are so absurd Vollmann (praise be) doesn’t have one.

As for a recommendation to my shame the only one I’ve read is You Bright and Risen Angels, although the fact that book alone inspired this should be a good sign. Expelled from Eden is a kind of best of (up to 2004) that might give you ideas of which area of Vollmann you’d be most interested in, the guy gets up to a lot.

thelittleredsparrow asked:

So my question is, bracing for gasp of shock and disbelief, who is William Vollmann? I was looking at joyceansreadjoyce and somehow ended up here with so many questions.

I’m not really shocked because if authors were bands Vollmann would be a super hardworking indie band who do shows that like 3 people turn up to and the music would be so weird most of those would leave before it was over.

This page exists to help you (and anyone else who stumbles onto the blog). The links I’ve put up so far should give you a good idea of whether you want to invest time in his novels or not. 

Anonymous asked:

If you've no clue about what the question refers too, why bother answering it? It may only lead to more confusion, on your behalf and mine.

because i have nothing better to do and dont like leaving unanswered questions.

also is this tommy? i bet it’s tommy. five bux says it’s tommy.

Anonymous asked:

Are you technically a real person?

wait, me the admin? i guess i’m real. i sure hope so. 

I’m unsure what this question means. i mean, this blog isn’t run by a robot and Vollmann is real (and strong) and doesn’t run this blog because he has no internet